Bruce Brown For Congress

• It is our money being wasted and we need it.
• Government spending must be critical to the survival of our freedom, person or economy
• Government must never borrow or tax to make our lives better
• If we do not have the money, government programs do not make our lives better
• Entitlements destroy – just the opposite of their intent
• Work to get entitlements out of the budget for the future
• Federal spending must affect all fifty states
• Balance the Federal budget except for national emergency
• National debt is for national emergency – period.
• Never mortgage the future of our country.

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• Families are the anchor of a free society – work hard on yours
• Give of yourself to your fellow man – it will be returned
• Personal responsibility is the essence of empowerment – you can do it
• Infuse school districts with parental love and caring – students thrive on it
• Representative Democracy does not mean somebody else will do it.
• “We the people” have total power over government – use it to stop the madness.
• Be unbending that Judges not make law – that is the people’s power, do not lose it.
• Freedom means freedom to question society’s traditions, not destroy them.
• Religion is the center of society’s morality – embrace the concept even if it is not for you.
• Being Pro-Life is the essence of humanity, at least start here